Add intelligence to your folder inserter system with Relay® Integrity Express.

Whether you're manually stuffing envelopes or using a folding inserting machine, your process is susceptible to errors. With Relay Integrity Express mailing software, you’ll always get your mailings right.  

Relay® Integrity Express, part of Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, streamlines the process of incorporating 2D barcodes into your documents. These barcodes are read by your folder inserter, enabling automatic assembly of variable page documents into appropriate envelopes. With the power of SaaS, it's easy to boost efficiency and enhance privacy protection in your folder inserter operations. 

Boost productivity

Streamline your mailing operations by automating the folding and inserting of documents, no matter the number of pages they contain. 

Reduce risk

Enhance your inserter's capabilities by adding intelligence to safeguard sensitive information. 

Strengthen your business

Ensure the right documents, bills, and more are getting to the right customer every time.  

With Relay® Integrity Express, getting it right is easy.

  • Upload PDF Documents.
  • Identify and select document breaks.
  • Select 2D barcode location on the document.
  • Choose template and print barcoded documents.

Go a step further with Relay® Integrity Pro. 

Relay® Integrity Pro incorporates file-based processing and postal coding plug-in integration to deliver the highest level of document integrity along with reduced postage costs, and more.  

  • Easily create jobs and send to multiple Relay series machines with a click of a button.
  • On-premise solution to keep your critical data in-house.
  • Optional file-based processing support provides the highest level of document integrity.

Boost Efficiency with AddressRight® Printers    

Combine the ConnectRight® Mailer with an AddressRight® printer to streamline your addressing process, ensuring successful delivery and maximizing USPS postal discounts every time.  

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